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Best in the business!

Top quality DFS information at your fingertips with outstanding customer service and line providers as well. RotoRadars has taught me to be a better DFS player. Why wait? Join the RotoRadar team!

Love it!

Best and most loyal app/business in the industry!


I've been playing DFS for about 4 years , this is by far my best investment to aid my research/line building. The support from some of the best minds in the business along with the best technology equals always cashing in dfs!!!! If you don't have it , GET IT!!

Exciting new toy!

Extremely user friendly with lots of great content. Excited to get more in-depth analysis of DFS sports!

Stellar info and coverage!

This is a great community that provides amazing data, projections, and up to the minute info to help you win in DFS. Loving it!

Awesome app

Great app ran by a great team!

Great as always!

Professional look to match with a professional company. The app functions well and allows for anybody to access many money making tools when it comes to daily fantasy. I can only look forward to using this app more!

Best dfs company

One stop shop for dfs help I would highly advise all to download and check them out it's definitely worth out 5 STARS !!!!!

Great App With Great Services

The app makes retrieving information from the website, seamless. This is exactly what I would expect an app from the RE Team to be like. Excellent work.

Amazing for dfs

All dfs players this is a must have


Rotoradar is easily the best DFS company of them all. They have great customer service, it's very easy to use, and most importantly, it makes everybody a lot of money. I would 100% recommend everybody to check rotoradar out and I promise you won't be disappointed

Best DFS App available

This app by RotoRadar is first class and second to none. All your dfs lineups and articles at your fingertips with push alerts as well. Sean and the team hit it out of the ballpark.

Awesome app!!

Great app! Easy to access lets you know when material is ready and locked. Can't beat this team..... best team around. This app is not like anything else.

Knowledgeable and Dedicated

I have been playing DFS for about 3 years now and I can tell you that this company works incredibly hard to provide top notch and consistent lineups day in and day out. Would definitely recommend to a friend and their subscriptions are awesome!


If your looking for DFS advice this is the the one stop shop! Sean and the Crew work around the clock to turn your DFS playing time into a real professional work of winning art! The tools to really succeed in the DFS Community, are ultimately very important if your expecting winning times. RotoRadar has proven professionals in every single DFS sport, a customer service department unlike many, and bankroll management coaching and research advice that is in the top in the industy. In the app you'll find a drop down Menu that is loaded up with professional written articles, lineup templates, and quick notes and tips to help you win! These guys really know how to take care of DFS and do it with serious PASSION!

Amazing App

Clean and functional! Everything you need to be successful in your DFS endeavors.


AMAZING app! Super simple, and easy to use. So glad its here!

Amazing App

This here is the greatest dfs app I have ever seen. Very smooth and makes the whole dfs experience very smooth.

Can they get any better?

Rotoradar excels above and beyond the competition with their new apps. All that you need for your dfs night under one tap of the finger, plus notifications!!! What more could you want

Best DFS app

I have been playing DFS for a couple years now and this app makes life easier for the average DFS player. Having notifications sent to your phone when lineups and articles are posted are very helpful for all kinds of players. I strongly recommend purchasing this app, it is worth the 1.99$

It's here!!

Finally!! This app is the most functional app on the market. Very simplistic and user friendly. Built extremely well even for inexperienced DFS users. This app is changing the industry as we speak! You need to jump on the train!!

~ Game Changer ~

Now this is the way to Disrupt the DFS community with an easy to use app for all you daily fantasy needs. This is something everyone should have if you play any fantasy sport!

Best App for the busy DFS Player!

I'm an avid DFS player but have very little time to do the research needed to win consistently. This app takes care of that. Updates, research, and an amazing optimizer! I will recommend this app to all of my DFS friends!

Taking it to the next level

The RotoRadar website was already awesome, now being able to get notifications for when things are posted the second they are posted, and not having to go through a browser to get's a game changer. First class company, have enjoyed my experience from day 1. Excited to use this app daily.

Professional. Functional. FIRST-IN-CLASS.

I've been playing daily fantasy sports for a very long time. This mobile app is far and above anything I've ever seen. It brings your entire membership to the palm of your hand. From the member only chat to the lineups through push notification to the articles/podcasts available in your locker room this is a game changer and well worth the small $1.99 one time fee. I would highly recommend this app and RotoRadar to anyone who simply likes DFS or making money.

Best DFS app!!!

We all have busy, work filled lives. Imagine being able to subscribe to a DFS product that is SENT to YOU as soon as it's released? All the effort/time of research is done for you, giving YOU more time for your fun. Not only is the app simple and easy to use, but the community around this app is what makes RotoRadar the best DFS COMPANY out... I highly recommend this app if you want to not only become a better DFS player, but if you enjoy chatting with other DFS heads out there, especially the pros..

A must have for Daily Fantasy Sports players!

RotoRadar provides quality content supporting almost all facets of the sports industry. MLB, NBA, NFL. Look no further, this app is superiorly jam-packed with built in chat features, premier lineup and article support all in one! No more opening multiple tabs to listen to their daily OnTheRotoRadar Podcast. This saves me time from using mobile safari and switching back from multiple DFS apps on the go!

Great App for DFS

What a great app. It has helpful articles and package lineups for members. Love it and use it daily.


As a RotoRadar member this is a game changer. I am usually busy when it comes time to entering my lines from my phone. The App makes this so smooth and easy now. Everything I need is at the touch of an app and I love it! Thanks for continuing to produce quality content and quality product RotoRadar Team.


Been waiting for RotoRadar to get an app forever! And it is perfect 5 stars!!!

Awesome - Easy

All I need in one quick spot. Easily helps me when I get busy and forget wired lock times. Keeps me aware of last minute injuries or lineup changes. Articles help me learn on a daily basis. Easily worth 10x this

Is 5 stars the highest it can go?

Pairing this new app with the tools that RotoRadar already has just blows everything else out of the water. If you're looking for a daily fantasy sports provider, look no further! Also, they have the best Optimizer in the business!

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